This is the evolution of the 62nd EMMY Award winning Hi-Motion technology.

The nac Hi-Motion product family is the only HD Ultra Slow Motion camera systems employing 3-chip image capture technology.
Since its development in 2003, the nac Hi-Motion has been embraced by sports broadcasters
around the world, having been featured in the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, and the Asian Games, as well as Golf, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Boxing, Rugby, Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Swimming, Motor Racing, and much, much more.


The ultimate 4K solution for super-slow motion

The world’s first high-speed camera designed for super-slow-motion acquisition at 4K resolution up to 900 frames per second (fps). The FT-ONE incorporates the groundbreaking FT1-CMOS, a global shutter CMOS color sensor. The FT1-CMOS was developed by FOR-A to provide superior resolution and sensitivity. RAW material is recorded at high speed to the internal RAM memory, which holds nearly 10 seconds of 4K content shot at 900 fps. For convenience, material can then be transferred to optional internal SSD cartridges. Unleash your creativity with this unprecedented innovation in super-slow-motion video at 4K resolution.