Mini-/Multi Purpose-Kameras


The HDL-45E/E1 is a 3CCD multi-purpose HDTV camera achieving superb picture quality, high stability and excellent reliability with the incorporation of Ikegami’s cutting edge digital technologies.


The HDL-F30 is a top-of-the-line multi-purpose compact 3CCD HDTV camera equipped with high resolution 2.3 million pixel AIT sensors.
The HDL-F30 has super high sensitivity, starting with F10 sensitivity sensors, and offering +54dB gain up, Column Adding, and Frame Accumulation functions.
The super high sensitivity combined with a Digital Extender feature make the HDL-F30 ideal for airborne gyro stabilized ENG and law enforcement use. Also the Horizontal Reverse and Line Delay features will support 3D video production.


The HDL-4500 is a three CMOS Camera, belonging to Ikegami’s leading camera and digital technology, achieving super high sensitivity and a high quality picture. 1.3 Megapixel High-speed Multi-sampling type super high sensitivity CMOS Sensor allows sufficient sensitivity for shooting without using any lights even under moonlight conditions. With its compact one-piece form, the camera is suitable for various POV applications such as a traffic and weather camera, as well as a wide range of surveillance applications.


The HDL-F3000 is a high sensitivity compact two-piece separate optics camera for gyro-stabilized gimbal applications. Equipped with 2/3-inch 2.6 megapixel CMOS sensors, it achieves a minimum illumination of 0.007 lux, with image enhancement features that include haze removal, backlight comp, and digital zoom. The HDL-F3000 operates in 1080i, and 720p formats.


The HDL-23 is a subminiature HDTV Camera with progressive 3CMOS sensors, providing native 1080p/50 HDTV picture with superb colour reproduction.


Kompakt und leicht – diese äußerst anpassbare Videokamera liefert mit ihrem Dual Pixel CMOS AF auf einem Super-35-mm-Sensor eine beeindruckende Full-HD-Aufzeichnung mit bis zu 50p / 59,94p und einen unglaublichen Dynamikumfang von bis zu 12 Blendenstufen bis zu einem maximalen Äquivalent von ISO 204.800.

Das EF Bajonett mit Cinema Lock der ME200S-SH unterstützt zahlreiche kompatible EF und EF-S Objektive aus dem Canon Produktsortiment, einschließlich Zoomobjektive, Festbrennweiten und ausgewählte Canon Servo-Objektive (mit 12-poliger Schnittstelle) – für noch mehr kreative Möglichkeiten.


Aufnahmen bei Tageslicht bis zum Sternenlicht

Diese innovative, kompakte und leichte Full-HD-Filmkamera mit ihrer einzigartigen ISO-Empfindlichkeit von mehr als ISO 4 Millionen (+75 dB) ermöglicht Aufnahmen bei extrem wenig Licht sowie Infrarotlicht und eröffnet damit ganz neue kreative Möglichkeiten.

Ein spezieller, neu entwickelter CMOS-Sensor im Vollformat mit 2,26 Megapixeln (effektiv) ermöglicht die Aufzeichnung von Farbvideos bei extrem wenig Licht. Durch größere Pixel wird die Lichtaufnahme des Sensors maximiert und gleichzeitig das Bildrauschen minimiert.

Das EF Bajonett mit Cinema Lock der ME20F-SH unterstützt zahlreiche kompatible Objektive aus dem Canon Produktsortiment, einschließlich Zoomobjektive, Festbrennweiten und ausgewählte Canon Servo-Objektive (mit 12-poliger Schnittstelle) – für noch mehr kreative Möglichkeiten.

TOSHIBA IK-4KH (Camera Head)

Toshiba's new 3CMOS UltraHD Remote Camera Head IK-4KH is designed to provide stunningly sharp detail and incredibly rich colour in 4K Resolution. The small and light weight IK-4KH camera head implements Toshiba's Microprism technology and delivers optimal colour accuracy, progressive/interlace scan video and switschchable 4K and HD resolutions. The Genlock fitted, light weight camera head features a C-mount and connects with the output CCU IK-4K .

TOSHIBA IK-4KE (Camera Control Unit)

Toshiba is proud to introduce the brand new IK-4KE CCU to the 3-CMOS, 4K UltraHD, 3840 x 2160p, 50/59.94 Hz camera head designed to provide stunningly sharp detail and incredibly rich colour in 4K Resolution. This new generation powerhouse will suit all vision applications where colour fidelity and resolution are critical including broadcasting, clinical and defense imaging.


The flagship IK HD5H 3CMOS camera head not only features Toshiba’s signature Microprism technology but also native HD 1080p/i resolution in every channel, twice the sensitivity and 25% improved S/N ratio in a ultra-small housing. And it doesn’t end here. The all new CCU IK-HD5E introduces the use of an adjustable Knee and Clip functionality which alone doubles up the dynamic range so the user can experience sharp colour quality in both the blazing bright and the darker parts of the scene. And to round up this amazing package, Toshiba has added a 3G-SDI output to ensure full HD 1080p output. And if you thought this covers it all. Well, think again. The IK-HD5 includes a removable IR cut filter - a revolutionary feature that opens up a whole new range of fluorescence imaging applications.

TOSHIBA IK-HD1H (Camera Head)

Toshiba's HD 3CCD Colour Camera System gives you the sharpest, clearest, true colour imagery available from one of the most compact HD camera on the market. Our unique prism block technology delivers impeccably sharp detail from a 1.6" camera head. Let Toshiba bring your project to HD life.

TOSHIBA IK-HD2E (Camera Control Unit)

The new Toshiba IK-HD2E HD remote head camera system is an enhancement of the world leading Toshiba IK-HD1camera system. Toshiba have taken the CCU and have made it feature rich and improved its broadcast integration. New features include Manual User mask setting for Auto-Shutter (exposure) and white balance, Black Gamma level set, Edge detail output - great for focus assist, and Manual Red and Blue black balance adjust. It will also integrate with many existing RemoteControl Panels (RCP) including Polecams MkIV.

TOSHIBA IK-HR1S (One Piece Camera)

Toshiba's new IK-HR1S color camera provides incredible high definition video with the flexibility of switchable 1080i or 720p output. This compact, one-piece camera is ideal for high speed and broadcast imaging, producing little or no motion artifacts. From land, air or sea, let Toshiba bring your project to HD life.


1/3" Micro Camera

The HDMC is a micro-sized HD camera suitable as a high quality replacement for analogue bullet cameras. Applications include motorsports, surveillance, helmet and body worn. The camera can be used as part of the Gigawave on-board system which includes HD video transmitter and remote control of camera iris, pan tilt and zoom. The camera is available with a variety of optional lenses.