Industrial High Performance 3-CMOS Full Digital Portable Camera

Newly developed 1/3” 3-CMOS HDTV camera HC-HD300 with the concept of “The Broadcast quality” following the highest picture quality, functionality and reliability of Ikegami’s superb broadcasting top end camera UnicamHD HDK series. HC-HD300 will be suitable for the usage at CATV/satellite broadcasting, educational and video production in enterprises.


The HDK-79GX is a state of the art full digital HDTV camera with superior picture quality and high reliability for studio and field HD production.


The HDK-790GX is a high-end multi-purpose camera which succeeds the quality of the HDK-790EXIII, and adding new features and accessories associated with the new Unicam HD series.


16-bit full digital processing and 3G transmission for highest picture qualit

  • Employs high performance progressive sensors
  • Incorporates newly developed FPGA for video DSP
  • Supports 50p and 4:4:4 3G HDTV formats
  • Compact docking style camera body
  • Full compatibility with a wide range of HDK accessories


The HDK-970A/970AP is the studio type HDTV camera system, incorporating a newly developed mass memory type FPGA, 45nm design rule, with 16-bit full digital processing and 3G transmission to achieve the highest possible picture quality.


The HDK-97ARRI offers a unique convergence of attributes, designed with the latest innovations.
The ARRI Large-format front end is famed for its film-like, organic look characterized by extended, clean highlights, an extremely low noise floor, natural skin tones, excellent color separation and cinematic depth-of field.
Employing large pixels and a custom-designed read-out architecture, this critically acclaimed 35mm CMOS sensor demonstrates exceptional dynamic range.
In addition, ARRI’s stainless steel lens mount system ensures super stable flange focal depth between lens and sensor.