AUTOSCRIPT WinPlus Newsroom / Studio Prompting

WinPlus is a Windows based teleprompting application that works together with X-Box Ultra hardware.

  • Easy to load on virtually any computer
  • Completely Unicode compliant to support any foreign language that Windows works with
  • Totally compliant with the most popular NRCS systems
  • Backed by remote support for assistance or training
  • Feature-rich having been refined over many hours of studio use

X-Box Ultra Packages include:

  • WinPlus Newsroom or WinPlus Studio software
  • X-Box Ultra USB (optional SDI version)
  • HC-1 desktop hand control
  • 9-Pin Serial Cable
  • USB Cable

Host PC/Laptop not included.


Entry level prompting system for simple pieces to camera and educational purposes (not live broadcast). Includes the WinPlus smooth scroll circuitry used in Autoscript's broadcast standard products.

XBox Lite Package Includes:

  • WinPlus VGA software
  • XBox USB
  • HC-5 three-button USB desk control

Host PC/Laptop not included.


iPad real-time remote prompting pioneered and developed by Autoscript

WinPlus Remote Software System:

  • Download live scripts from studio/newsroom to your iPad
  • Instant “live” real-time script updates
  • Includes WinPlus software

iDevice not included.

AUTOSCRIPT E.P.I.C. 19" / E.P.I.C. 17"

The world's first fully integrated prompting and on-air system brings major benefits:

  • Combines the brightest 19" / 17" LED prompting screen with an integrated 19" / 17" full HD-SDI on-air monitor
  • Solves the major operational problem of using on-air monitors – there’s no extra mounting bracket and therefore no restriction of camera tilt range
  • Weighs 3kg less than a system made of separate components (also saving 3kg of counter-balance) and uses 20% less power
  • Uses class-leading High Bright LED prompting screens with 1600 nits of brightness, a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a lifetime in excess of 70,000 hours
  • Simplified cable management – one power cable for the prompter and on-air monitor, while ClockPlus and TallyPlus are powered via 12V DC from prompter; the video signal loops through prompter

AUTOSCRIPT LED 19" / LED 17" / LED 15" / LED 12"

Autoscript was the first prompting manufacturer to apply LED technology to its TFT monitor range, bringing significant advantages over fluorescent backlit monitors:

  • Increased display longevity
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Higher contrast levels for greater clarity
  • Smooth, fast refresh, resulting in less strain on the eyes
  • More detailed rendering for nonstandard alphabet languages
  • 4.3 format essential for reducing scanning movement in presenters eyes
  • Instant warm-up to full brightness
  • Systems can be used with standard, wide angle and extra wide-angle hoods


A High Bright LED on-camera prompter in an 8” screen size providing:

  • 1700 nits of brightness
  • 30% less power draw and 20% reduction in weight from previous product
  • Outstanding performance under daylight conditions
  • Composite and VGA inputs
  • Built in Tally light and illuminated control panel for easy viewing
  • 12V DC accessory power outlet and mounting for TallyPlus and CuePlus


A 440g (1lb), on-camera 5.6" LED backlit flat screen monitor for handheld cameras in live and studio based production.

The Miniscript 5.6 has all the functions of its larger TFT cousins including composite BNC and hirose inputs.


The new ELP15Plus further improves and develops Autoscript’s highly successful ELP15 On Camera Prompter. Housed in a new slimline metal case and featuring 50% less power, a 20 degree wider viewing angle, and a 20% reduction in weight this is an all new monitor. The unit provides a 15 inch screen with 400 nits of brightness, composite, VGA and s-video inputs and can be powered from either an external 12V DC PSU or by 12V DC from a battery for portable applications. It includes a 3.5mm 12V DC outlet suitable for the ClockPlus,TallyPlus, or CuePlus accessories.